Fetal Health

A ground breaking gynecological physiological diagnostic medical device.

Measuring the fetal EEG and ECG waveforms during pregnancy and labour.

IT-MEDicine Ltd. has been established to develop a new, currently on the market non-existent gynecological physiological diagnostic medical device.
Using the device in the everyday obstetrician practice, the mortality rates of intrauterine death could be significantly reduced, by measuring the fetal EEG and ECG waveforms during pregnancy and labour.
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Our device is an innovative electrophysiological diagnostic device. With the use of our medical device, the number of intrauterine deaths and injuries could be significantly reduced in the daily maternity practice. The device alerts the medical team in case of intrauterine fetal hypoxia – more accurate than current methods. We develop a medical device, with the following features:


Indirect fetal ECG

Indirect fetal ECG (via the maternal abdominal wall) in the 2-3 trimester of pregnancy. Our system is capable of producing non-invasive ECG (electrocardiograms) waveforms in the third trimester of pregnancy (electrodes placed on the maternal abdominal wall).


Direct fetal ECG during delivery

In addition to non-invasive measurements, our system registers fetal ECG in real time during delivery (with a fetal scalp electrode). Direct fetal ECG can be used to predict oxygen deficiency. Our direct fetal ECG indicates cardiac function accurately and thus foetuses at risk can be detected, while unnecessary interventions are avoided.


Fetal EEG during delivery

A completely new test method is the real-time fetal EEG (electroencephalogram). During birth, the fetal brain is the one we need to protect most, since the expected quality of life is a direct consequence of the integrity of brain structures. Current methods are invasive and difficult to implement. Instead, our new diagnostic method, the accurate record of fetal EEG in real time, would continuously provide information on the status of brain structures.

A team of entrepreneurs, medical doctors, and IT specialists. To make things happen…

Andras Szilagyi


Legal and MBA studies, with 10+ years experience in managing projects and teams. Our CEO has worked both in public and private sector in management positions. His primary task has always been: to get from an idea to a manageable project and bring it to success.

Tamas Kis, MD


Our Chief Technology Officer is a medical doctor and also a senior software/hardware engineer. Previously worked for startups and for multinational companies in international business environment.

Istvan Peterfi, MD, Phd

Chief Medical Officer

The Chief Medical Officer of our firm. Working as a gynecologist while obtaining a Phd degree recently (Topic: Electrophysiology in gynaecology). Head of the Gynecology Department at one of the biggest regional hospital of Hungary (in Kaposvár). Beside being a medical doctor, Istvan has very strong IT skills.

Otto Skoran, MD

Investor and entrepreneur in healthcare. He has built up one of Hungary’s biggest private paediatric outpatient service (Svábhegyi Gyógyintézet) and currently leads a group of companies active in patient care, medical device development and in contract research activities.

  • Kaposvár, Fő utca 45, 7400 Hungary
  • Mailing address: 1037 Budapest, Bokor utca 15-21. 2. em. 36., Hungary